Thunder Tiger Madcat

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Thunder Tiger Madcat

Postby loudness » Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:45 pm

Hi there......

Greetings from the Lion City!! .............Singapore :D

As you guessed from the title. A new acquisition to my not so large collection. Predecessors include Majesty 800 and Spurt 3 (that's it).
All have served me and my family well(almost 2 decades of stress relief) and has been passed down to those who need them more.
Madcat will still serve as stress relief(hopefully for years to come). I don't think I will win any races or beauty contests.

My intentions are simply to have fun. Speed is not my game. Vehicle longevity and getting the most play time without "hurting" me and Madcat.

Hobbies here is a Luxury item and places are very limited. Not many followers in the boating scene. Drones are the trend right now.
GP is polluting and noisy( almost illegal) plus other "legislation" that takes the fun out of it. Including chewing gum. :cry:

Enough about me.
Hopefully I can gain a wealth of experiences, tips and tricks, lessons and other juicy stuff here.
Will be posting more soon................


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Re: Thunder Tiger Madcat

Postby loudness » Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:18 pm

A good weekend to get to grips with Madcat.
More of a trial and error. Just to see what it will do and to acclimatize not just the boat but me included.

So far everything about Madcat is a "thumbs up".
From durability to endurance to usability.
What interests me is the way the ECU can be programmed.Just from the manual.............well .....I almost burned it.
Somehow I missed a step or two trying to program the ECU.
The default position is somewhat of a standard setting.Still curious the other settings can do.

At my age ( almost 50) I was recommended to stick to sailboats but I prefer movement without sucumbing to the mercy of the wind and waves.

Still wondering how to upload pics and vids to this site................ :lol:

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