need parts for an old model Mr. Mulligan

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need parts for an old model Mr. Mulligan

Postby mrdakin » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:19 pm

Hello to all.
I'm new to this forum but I need help. I recently bought what is apparently a very old model plane made by Thunder Tiger and I need parts for it but can't seem to find them anywhere and I need some help in finding them or suitable replacements. I bought an FM Mr. Mulligan from a hobbyshop that said they had had it for a few years. One necessary part was broken. It's a small clevis for attaching elevator pushrod to the elevator control horn. I also need one or more props for the plane. Is there anywhere I can get a suitable alternative prop? I also could use a replacement cowling. It's very fragile and mine is cracked. Thanks to anyone for any help they can provide!

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